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Recycled Crafts - - Cool cars, trucks and motorcycles. Downloadable charts and How-to YouTube vids!

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The crafts page is just displaying some of the things I've created for people put of old junk car parts. It all started by me making one of the piston clocks out of pure impulse. I was picking up some parts from an engine I had just built and thought "Hey .. that would make a neat clock for my desk at work". I had remembered seeing a resin figurine at the local department store with a clock insert in it. It was cheap so I went back and bought it. I pulled the clock insert out and it was a close enough fit that I could make it work. I pulled the piston/connecting rod assembly apart. Cleaned and prepped the parts for powder coating. I wanted to experiment with a new black I had gotten in stock. So, the piston became texture black and the connecting rod is Prizmatic Black. Well, people started seeing the new toy I created and they wanted one. So, there started my little side business. Along with powder coating car and motorcycle parts I was making crafts from crap just laying around. It eventually grew to more then just pistons and connecting rods. I start using timing gears, differential gears, transmission parts & even computer parts. Pictures shown here is a very small sample of what I have done for people. By the way I just want to point out that I have found where other people are doing the "piston clock" and selling them on eBay. Just to put it bluntly .. theirs are crap! If you look close enough they are all spray painted one color. Notice I said "Spray Paint". I use super durable powder coat paint. Tons of color choices and combinations. Even textures, prizmatic & candies. I will post more pictures soon.

Oh yea .. By cuzs from Hazard Ky (thanks Nick and Shanna) just gave me a freakin huge connecting rod and piston pulled from a big earth moving shovel. No .. not what you plant your roses with in the flower bed. The kind of shovel that moves mountains!!! This one is MINE!!!

I'm thinkin polish the piston ... not sure what color for the connectiing rod .. hmm?? The crank journal is big enough to make a whole weather station and a clock face .. thats cool! I will post the picts when I start on this one. 05/18/2012 - I talked to Nick a couple of weeks ago. He told me that it was pulled from a 12 cylinder Komatsu engine. The earth moving shovel had 2 of these 12 cylinder monsters in it. He also said that the Komatsu engines are yellow .. so I need to look through my color book and find a cool yellow to shoot the connecting rod. I am going to polish the piston.

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