Google+ My Jeep Wrangler YJ projects - - Cool cars, trucks and motorcycles. Downloadable charts and How-to YouTube vids!

My Jeep Wrangler YJ projects - - Cool cars, trucks and motorcycles. Downloadable charts and How-to YouTube vids!

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My Jeep Wrangler YJ projects

Here is my 1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ. It's an addition to my already too many projects. But, really who can resist a Jeep Wrangler! This new play toy was once a farm play toy for a 14 year old kid for a while. So you can imagine the shape it was in. Luckily it was mostly light mechanical stuff. Engine uses some oil but not bad. My dad bought a 2006 and this 1991 at the same time from a fellow. The '91 was shoved in the barn with flat tires and no top. Poor girl was rough!! I bought this one from my dad to started putting new life back into it. I never knew how much fun they were to work on and drive! I understand now when people say "It's a Jeep thing, you wouldnt't understand" .. well I do now :-) !! Anyway, I traded a transmission and transfer case from a 3/4 ton chevy I used to have for the Besttop soft top \ soft door kit. I had the 31 x 10.50's that was originally going on my GMC, they got stuck on the Jeep instead. I working on it one day and decided to start creating video footage on my mods. The YouTube thing turned out to be kinda fun. So ... I'm videoing everything!! LOL. Follow along as I document each of my sessions in giving this tired and tattered YJ a new life.

OK .. to some of you this may be a simple thing. But, the tired 'ol Jeep needed a tune up bad!! So why not video document the process in hopes that someone can learn a little and gain the confidence to do it themselves. I helped someone save some money, I can live with that. Click here to check out the Jeep Wrangler tune up.

Jeep Wrangler Tune Up

Little Jeep due for an oil change. What was gonna be another toy has become my daily driver. What can I say?? It's just a blast to drive! Follow along as I take you through changing oil. Obviously cars differ from one to another. But, the process isn't all that different. So if this is something you would like to learn to same some money, watch and you will have the basics down.

1991 Jeep Wrangler YJ oil change

When I got the Jeep I ditched the factory half doors in favor of full soft doors that came with the soft top kit I got in a trade. Well, there was one downside to that. I lost a place to mount the side mirrors. Its rather dangerous to change lanes on major highways without the mirrors. Not to mention, it was probably a matter of time before I got a ticket not having the mirrors. So, rummaged through some metal left over from past projects. Pull out the welder and started fabricating. Here is how I did it .. I think they came out pretty cool, especially with the windshield mounted lights.

Homemade Jeep Wrangler mirror relocation brackets with light mounts

Your Jeep hard to fill up with gas? Here is how I solved that issue with my 91 YJ.

Need To know how to get the trouble codes from the Jeep Power Control Module? Click here to see how ..

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