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I'd really wanna to tell you about the web hosting company that houses Power Addicts. The name of this web hosting company is I can't express how good they really are. Before I get into the features and perks that you will benefit from by hosting your website with them. I want to tell you that I have personally spoke with their help desk support numerous times. They are absolutely excellent!!! The whole team is based out of Provo, Utah .. that's right ALL AMERICAN SUPPORT!!!! I honestly mean no disrespect toward any other nationalities out there if you are reading this. But to be totally honest, it is so annoying to call a company for help and get someone on the other end that can barely speak english and is reading from a script. YOU WILL NOT get this type of crap service from Hostmonster. When you contact a support rep from Hostmonster you get a very professional, very knowledgeable and often fun to talk with person that will walk you through whatever issue or question you may have. To make the web hosting service even better, I have never had to wait over 5 minutes to get to a friendly voice that was willing and more than able to help. If you would like to just look through the huge easy to follow knowledgebase to try figuring out the issue yourself, by all means go for it. Never know what kind of things you will learn in there.

Look ..
there is one thing that I need to point out. With your Hostmonster account you get lots of FREE website builders to choose from. Hostmonster can help you with setting up your website. But they can't walk you through actually building your website. They do offer services to assist you if you happen to need that. Or, check out This is one very sweet website builder, it's not free but it isn't totally sick expensive either. It's so crazy easy to build a nice website with this website builder package. Wesitex5 is in no way connected to Hostmonster. I'm just giving you a VERY easy option to build a sweet website, even with your own webstore if you so choose.

Ok .. I mentioned above about perks and
benefits. Check this out!! Click here to open another window to see the HUGE list they offer for a crazy low price!! Once the link opens click "Hosting Features" on the menu bar of the site.

If you didn't check the link above, here is a very small sample of what they offer.
Unlimited Space & Bandwidth
Host Unlimited Domains
Unlimited E-mail Accounts
Free Domain
cPanel Control Panel
$75 Google Adwords Credit
Free Site Builders
Free Online Stores
WordPress, Gallery and More
don't outsource—EVER - Again REAL support when you need it - 24 hours a day ... 7 days a week.

Ok .. you want your own website now .. right?!?! Lets say you got one up and running and it's called Now you want one called No problem .. Hostmonster web hosting service has you covered. Many other web hosting companies make you pay a monthly fee for each you create. Not Hostmonster ... 1 very low fee to cover as many's you can come up with. That's called Unlimited Hosting Domains and it's GREAT when you need/want to have more than one website on a shoestring budget. Another place where other hosting companies get deep into your pockets, it's called "Bandwith Fees". Hostmonster has UNLIMITED bandwith and storage space to offer with that one small price. What does that mean to you?? Well, you can create instructional PDF's available for your website visitors to download. Or, if your website becomes very popular and gets tons of traffic you will not be penalized for your success by getting charged for going over your bandwidth allowance.

You don't have to have a business to have a website. There are many reasons to have a site. Maybe you want to show the world your crafts that you create, maybe a car club or you want to tell the world how wonderful life is !!! It really doesn't matter what your reason is .. just turn loose of the inner creative child and let the whole planet earth see what you can do!!

OMG .. How do I get started?!?! Just click the banner to the right. --->

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