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1978 Chevy 4x4 Playtoy - - Cool cars, trucks and motorcycles. Downloadable charts and How-to YouTube vids!

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1978 Chevy 4x4 Playtoy


Make: 1979 Chevrolet K20 4x4   Locally known as "The Beast"
Engine: 305cid 4bbl   (For now!!!)
What's been done to it: This beat up old truck was pulled out of a field with a 305 that had a rod sticking through the oil pan. In went a fresh overhauled 305 with a small Summit Racing cam & lifters, Alum Z28 intake, Edelbrok 600 Performer Carb. Drivetrain consists of a TH400 tranny, NP203 transfer case, DANA 60 front axle, Corporate 14 axle out back. Welded up a front bumper ..... a homemade steel flatbed is in the works. Shayne (11yrs..... driving here) & Lars (8yrs) painted the one of a kind MONSTER grill as they call it (imagine lookin' in the rearview and seeing that coming at you!!!!). A $10 paint job of Dollar Store flat black, Slap on a used set of old CO-OP mudders and you have a cheap play toy that takes a beating and comes back for more. As of the posting of this page there is only about $800 invested in this toy ..... that's including what was paid for it.

Coming real soon will be the home made steel flatbed as mentioned above. Then it's time to move up to the King of Big Blocks...... 454 cubic inches of raw torque ........ The 454 was salvaged out of a 1979 Winibago .... heads have already been reworked, 270 Competition Cams bumpstick going in. After the Big Block goes in ...... up comes rolling a set of 38-14.50-16.5 Mudders along with 4" of lift and a date with a sawsall to clear the front quarters.

Pictures above is a play session that Shayne got his first taste of Rock Crawling .... with him driving .... as you can see he loved it (that's what It's all about). And a Big thanks to Randy for hanging with us and playing camera man (driving in the last pict).

This truck drivin almost daily as a commuter to and from work, parts chasing for the other toys, or just seeing what I
can run over for the heck of it.

Some people just don't understand why there isn't new sheetmetal and paint on it ..... to make it all cool lookin'....It's like this ...... This is not ..... nor ever will be a show truck. It's a toy for some good friendly fun (If its scratched ..... go down to the dollar store buy another can of flat black.... patch it up ..... get back OFF road). Put this truck around a bunch of little kids ..... it's their favorite hands down everytime.

March 3rd 2004. Just a little update on this toy. The first picture at the top resulted in pulling the front bed bolts thtough the sheet metal. It has it's homemade steel flat bed now. I have just received the pistons for the 454. Crank & Rods should be in tomorrow. The bottom end is going to consist of Steel Scat crank, Steel Scat Rods & KB Pistons. Not stock specs either .... 489 cubic inches of stroked Big Block Chevy. The heads are gonna be ported & polished. Bottom assembly balanced. I will be taking pictures and as time permits doing a build-up story of the 454 gone 489. Keep checking in.

Last and final update to this toy! Due to rising gas prices, no local place to play and a decreasing in funds due to cut backs at work. This toy was scrapped. Sold the stroker kit. Traded the 454 block to a complete 305 to rebuild for my half ton GMC. I still have the trans, transfer case & diffs just in case.

The Beast was built (or should I say saved) by Chuck, Shayne & Lars Goolsby of Gallatin, Tn.

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